Here you will find information on my books of poetry, reviews, photos and some poems as well.

The memoir, Walk like a cow was published in 2020.. Thanks to Walleah Press.

You can buy copies for $25.00 through their website or by contacting me directly on Facebook Messenger or Instagram #brendanryanwriter

Here is an excerpt:

‘There are memory lines scattered around our house. Some created by myself, some worn down by my brothers and sisters, some followed by dogs. Each line takes me to where I need to go and sometimes where I don’t want to. I have been making these lines up all my life. They are reliable as a memory or what I choose my memories to be. I carry a memory with me, like a bullet in a pocket, of what it is like to be six and of being allowed to walk down the paddock alone.’

My latest book of poetry is The Lowlands of Moyne, Walleah Press, 2019.

The lowlands of Moyne by Brendan Ryan | 9781877010132 | Booktopia

Here is an excerpt from a poem in the book.

Driving with the West MacDonnells

Flecks of bloodwood and mulga scattered over red sand

I long for your sharp retorts, their familiar force.

I’m driving at 130ks with a mountain range

curling like a breaking wave, its oxide-stained

rocks bearing the blood that light gives.

The bitumen is straight and unrelenting.

You can order the book through the website, FB or Instagram.

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